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Siraiki is one of the most ancient Indo-Aryan languages of India centering around the ancient city of Multan (Mool-asthan). Multan was also earlier known as Kayashapura and Prehladpuri. It was in Multan, that Lord Vishnu incarnated as Narsingh Avtar to save Prehlad Bhagat from Harnaykashyap.Siraiki is a purely Sanskritical language. The renowned Grammarian Pannini and Yoga acharya Patanjali were Siraiki scholars at the ancient seat of learning i.e. Taxila, the hub of Siraiki Civilzation. The language is mother tongue of 100 Million (10 Crore) people in the subcontinent, including Two crore people living in India who migrated from the districts of Multan, Musafgarh, Mianwali, Jhang, Banoo, Kohat, Dera Ghazi Khan, Dera Ismail Khan, Bhawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan, Bahawal Nagar, Leiha, Kotaddu, Rajanpur, Jampur, Lodhran, Khanewal, Pakpatan, Sahiwal, Chakwal, Vihari, Sargotha, Jhelum, Bhakkar, Khushab, Jaccobobad, Larkana etc to India at the time of partition at 1947.

The Siraiki speaking people of India are settled in the States of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttrakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Maharsthra and Gujrat. This Siraiki Samaj is not united, although each District has a ‘Biradri’ or an Association like Jhang and Derawal Biradari and Multani Sabhah etc. In Delhi they have also been successful in having their own housing colonies like Multan Nagar, Main Wali Nagar, Derawal Nagar, Khohat Nagar. In Punjab, Delhi and Haryana their population is more than 20% but they are not fully represented in the State Legislature as well as the Union.

In Delhi, there is a Sindhi Academy because Sindhi language was included in the Schedule of the Constitution in 1957. The population of Sindhis in Delhi is less than 2%. But there is no Siraiki Academy. Although there is a Punjabi Academy in Delhi, it doesn’t include Siraiki language.

The Siraiki language is one of the oldest languages of India and has been known by its various names as Jhatki, Multani. Lahnada, Hindki, Hindko and Western Punjabi.

The word Siraiki has been derived from Siro meaning Head/ North of Sindh, the people living in the North of Sindh on the banks of the river Sindhu are known as Siraiki Speaking people. This language is distinct from Punjabi and Sindhi. The famous love folk lore like Heer-Ranja, Soni Mehwal, Sasi Punu are originated in this region. Heer was first written in Siraiki by Damodar Gulati of Dera Gazi Khan and thereafter it was written by Warris Shah after 200 years.

The Siraiki language has been used for spreading Sufi Music, Bhakti Movement and Guru Mat. Poets, Sufi and Saints like Baba Farid, Guru Nanik, Ghulam Farid, Warris Shah, Bulle Shah, Sultan Baho, Dharam Das, Sachal Sarmast have left their mark by using Siraiki poetry in the subcontinent.

The traditional form of Siraki Poetry has been Kafi also known as Multani Kafi and famous classical music Gharana as Multani Gharana which has been patronized by Pandit Bhim Sain Joshi and Abida Parveen.


Multan was a separate province until it was merged by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in Punjab with Lahore as its capital in year 1818. And thereafter Siraiki (Multani) was dubbed as the dialect of Punjabi or Sindhi.

In Pakistan there is a renaissance of Siraiki Movement. Every year there are about 8000 books published in Siraki Language, there are four T.V. Channels, and there is a Pakistan radio from Multan as well as Bhawalpur broadcast in Siraiki.

At the present moment the President, Prime Minister, and the Foreign Minister of Pakistan are all Siraiki speaking.


Siraiki language has strategic value for promoting peace and goodwill between India and Pakistan. There have been international conferences in Delhi where delegations from Pakistan including their writers, authors, singers etc participated. Shri R.L. Bhatia, the then Foreign Minister inaugurated the same.

In India the Siraiki speaking people have contributed its might to development of India at all levels. At political level we have been having Comrade Ram Krishan and Bhim Singh Sachar as Chief Ministers of Punjab, both hailing from Jhang. Shri Madan Lal Khurna (Jhung) as Chief Minister of Delhi. Shri I.K. Gujral (Jhelum) has been the Prime Minister of India, and Dr. Manmohan Singh from Vehari as the now Prime Minister of India.

We have had Dr. Hargobind Khurana, Nobel Prize winner, Rakesh Sharma and Kalpana Chawla as Astronauts, V.P. Malik (Armed Forces), H.K. Dua & Vinod Dua- newspaper and T.V. Journalist,Justice M.N. Punchi as Chief Justice of India and presently Mr. Ajay Maken as Union Minister of Home Affairs.

All India Radio is broadcasting Siraiki language programme under its External Services Division from Jalandhar and Suratgarh in Punjab. Daily Hindi Tribune from Chandigarh is having a regular weekly Siraiki Column.

Siraiki was ignored whereas Sindhi was included in 1967 in the Schedule VIII of the Constitution. Siraiki people love their mother tongue and there is unbreakable bond of common language, history, civilization and cultural values between Siraiki speaking people of India and Pakistan. There is therefore a strong need to unite the Siraki Samaj.


The answer to this question is those Who are achiever and proud to be Indians. All those who have faith in Unity of India with its diversity, all those who are proud of their mother tongue i.e Siraiki language, art, culture and civilization.

We can all do it!

Let the politicians, authors, writers, professionals, social workers, who have a common positive programme and agenda of uniting and helping each other to develop and promote goodwill, amenity, harmony and peace through language and culture come together for this cause.


There is ten point proposed agenda for this cause as under:

1) Call the meetings of all the heads of District Wise heads of Association, Biradris and other Social Organization functionaries to establish a Confederation inorder to accept SIRAIKI as the mother toungue to be declared by all of us in Census of India being held during 2010-2011.

2) To have a Website of Siraki Samaj and invite people settled in India and abroad to join and corporate

3) Establish a T.V. Channel. In Pakistan there are four TV channels broadcasting in Siraiki

4) Publish regularly newspaper including Daily, Weekly, Quarterly journal in Siraki language in Hindi script. In Pakistan there are 800 journals and newspaper in Siraki

5) Hold Regional Conferences, Seminar, Talks and Discussion, Cultural programme including kavi samelan etc

6) Make TV/documentary films in Siraiki language

7) Establish Siraiki Centers to promote Siraiki language, art , Culture

8) Write book articles and research paper. In Pakistan 8000 books are published in Siraiki in every year

9) To establish a Siraiki development Fund to promote Social Cultural Education Economic Financial and Housing facilities and other charitable institution

10) To make representation to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India to include Siraiki Language in Schedule VIII of the Constitution of India under Article 341 .


Dr. J.C. Batra

M.A. L.L.M. Ph.D. Barrister at Law

Senior Advocate Supreme Court of India


Siraiki Sahitya Sangam

Siraiki International

G-109 Saket New Delhi 110017

Tel: 26961666

Mobile: 9811078919



  1. It is nice to find the Siraiki Biradiri on internet. Today, people who belong to Multan or Multani speaking are isolated and the language is vanishing gradually. In my forty eight years of life, I use to hear Multani Language from my Father and Grand Parents.... but these are the talks of the old times. Now it is observed that even the people belong to Multani Biradri, do not speak Multani. They speak Hindi, English and Punjabi but not Siraiki (Multani). I heartly appriciate your efforts and sincerelly offer my services to to make your offer more effective FOR UNITING SIRAIKI (MULTANI) SPEAKING PEOPLE AND INCLUSION OF THE SIRAIKI(MULTANI) LANGUAGE.

    Anil Malhotra

  2. Multan or Mool-sthan was the center of Punjabi civilization. It may be incorrect to raise a dialect as a separate language. In fact Multani dialect is considered as the parent form of Punjabi language. Islamic invaders targeted this holy place and its hundreds of temples were destroyed. Systematically Islamic Sufi system was set up in the region in and around Multan, Pak Pattan, and Ajodhan. These Sufis incorporated in blended form of Islam accepting local native practices. The cultural center of Hindu, Jain, Budhist, and Jogi movement was eventually converted into a well organized Islamic Sufi infrastructure that exists today in Multan. The Siraiki movement is a political movement in Pakistan designed to separate Multan from Punjab state in Pakistan. The Multani Kaafi is a special form of folk singing that is being forgotten. Multan was the last stand of Sikhs against British annexation. Diwan Mulraj Chopra was the leader of Sikh stand-off against the British from Multan. The city was destroyed with cannons by the British ans Purbia soldiers. The Hindu and Sikh population migrated to India after partition but lost their culture as they have assimilated into mainstream Hindi culture in India. The only hope is the natives in Multan, who I hope will resist the Islamization of Punjab and preserve their own culture, the origin of Punjabi civilization.

    Arvind Singh

    1. Hello Mr. Arvind Singh,
      I appreciate your words, but can you quote some reference from History that who called Saraiki is parent accent of Punjabi?
      You will come to know that word Punjab in itself is not linked with any language but yes Multani was a well know language ( pl check Aaen-e-akbari, written during reign of king Akbar).
      It was 1818 when Multan was annexed with Lahore province and Sikh ruler called the region as Punjab.
      So if Sikh ruling area was Punjab, then Peshawar is Punjab ? No.
      Bahawalpur never been the part of Punjab but after independence it was also added to Punjab province.
      We believe, all major Sufi poets ( Hazrat sultan bahu(jhang), Baba farid(multan), Khuwaja gulam farid(mitthan kote),Baba bulleh shah(uch sharif)) all were writing in Multani language And declaring Multani as a dialect of Punjabi is just an effort to own our great history.
      Ok, if multani is the mother form of Punjabi, then please give mother , the right place and call Punjabi a dialect of multani. We do not have any objection. Do you agree?

  3. डा० जे० सी० बत्रा जी , सादर चरणवंदना ॥ आप जी कूँ मिल करई मेकूँ बहू खुशी थींदी पई हे । हीं वेले सिराइकी बोलण वाले ते बहूँ हिन लेकिन तुआदी जेहीं लग्न दे बंदे केवल गिणती दे ही मिलसिन । सिरायकी इतिहास दी हिक झलक तुसाँ डिति है । सन 1818 कन्नूँ दे पहले डा इतिहास वी तुआडे जहन विच होसी । सिराइकी साहित्य संगम या सिरायकी इंटर्नेशनल विच वी ज़िकरा कीता गया होसी । हूंदी हिक कापी मेडे कोल भेज सको ते मैं तुआड़ा शुक्रगुज़ार थीसा । सिरायकी कूँ बचावण वाले हुण आप ही हो । बाल ते सिरायकी बुलेन्दे कैनी । अग्गू क्या थीसी पता कैनी । सिरायकी डा इतिहास अते सिरायकी दे हिन्दुस्तान दे लेखके ते शायरों कूँ तुसाँ जगेंदे रहो । रब्ब तुआडा भला करे । माँ बोली मिठड़ी बोली दा साहित्य ते बोलण वाले वधिन ताँ दिल विच खुशी राहसी ॥ तुआडा बेली = हरिचन्द स्नेही , 2190 सैक्टर 12 , पार्ट-3 सोनीपत हरियाणा -131001 मोबाइल =09416693290 ॥ रब्ब तुआकु ते परिवार कूँ लम्बी उम्रा , सेहत ते शोहरत बख़्शे ॥ शुक्रिया ॥

  4. Seraiki te Punjabi alag alag langiuages hin te A gal George Abraham Grierson ne sabit keeti hay.seraiki Punjabi tu ziada qadeem te azeem tehzeeb da na hay.pakistan wich seraiki movement koi religious movement ni balkay nationalist movement hay jeenday wich muslim te hindu sab shamil hin.saraiki tehreek di mukhalfat Taliban te mazhabi log karenday pay hin.Seraiki tehreek zaroor kamyab theesi.

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