Saturday, October 23, 2010


I was 10 years old when Gandhi ji was shot dead by Nathu Ram Godse on 30 Jan 1948. I never could meet or see him personally. But had heard about him from my illietrate mother who had adopted Charkha Spinning as a spiritual ritual and Ekadshi fast enery month. She inspired me to go to London an become a Barrister like Gandhi. But have been living in pain ever since our Independence. We had to leave our ancestors home village my place of birth which is now Pakistan. Who is responsible for this unforunate division of our country? Gandhi, Nehru and Congress not Jinnah who never spent a day in jail, never fasted. Had no vow of celebacy or Ahimsa or adopted Satyagraha as an instrument and still got a day earlier than our independence his Pakistan. Certainly he was more clever and shrewed than Gandhi. Both of them were Gujratis and Barristers! Lakhs people were buchered. They last their homes, properties, kith and kins. No fast undertaken, no protests registered by Gandhi. He even refused to meet and pacify the Hindu Refugees who were forced to leave their homes in Pakistan. We still continue to live with our head Kashmir wounded, our arms cut with Pakistan and Bangladesh, our feet unsecured due to Tammils suferrings in Sri Lanka. Our only Hindu Kingdom of Nepal being literraly under Chinese controle because of our wrong notions of nonviolence propogated in the name of our father of nation Gandhi. To give credit of our Independence to Gandhi mean undermining the roles of our great freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Neta ji Subhash Bose, Lala Lajpat Rai and many more who laid down their lives for their country, and have not been even given their due place by those who highjacked our democracy for themselves and for their dynasties, and have now mortgaged for perpetuity to the so called Supper Powers.

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  1. Well Mr Batra your own story is very painful and same time is very intresting.
    It is true millions of people are inspired by Gandhi like your great mother.abvoiusly this topic (the division of India or so called freedom )is very sensitive and crucial . well the leaders of both nationats were no doubts Gujratis and barristers , keeping in mind Jinnah was very active leader of congress for 14 long years, what makes his to resign congress and join muslim league. no doubts he never been in jain or went on so called hunger strike .but we need to find out who is the responsible for all this tragedy of the history of mankind.i am not a big fan of Jinnah the so called quaid-e-azam but i will not blame him for all this instead of the power monger nehru and patel and refusing the cabinet mission there was no choice left for Jinnah except the divion of India.
    well many of us may be not agree of my above views which i can understand but most of the people will agree with me . Even both Jinnah and Gandhi were pro western and well educated but they were so incapible to to resovle all this peacefully , why all this happend with the lives of millions of people ???? why? they were not the real leaders they were just puppets and topi drama ,,,,,,,,
    who funded to organise the All India Muslim league and who was the founder of congress and who funded the congress in the begining. the british sarkar , why?
    just to stop the left revolution in sub continent jinnah , gandhi and nehru all completed the british agenda.
    Batra Sain i am agree with you we forgot the real freedom fighters who were only working for only only point agenga neither muslim nor hindu domain state just the freedom of india, why all those heroes like Bhagat singh, Subhas bose and maulane sindhi etc.
    is the recent government which is the champion of so called democracy to take stand and investigate the death od subhas bose or willing to order the retrial of shaheed bhagat sing case??
    what happend in the past happend but can we promote the love , peace and brotherhood among the people of both countries?
    if we are sincere we can do amzing things but i believe Indian government never learn from the past and getting to become the puppet agian for usa and the west.

    Batra sain keep it up the good work , you started the mission in India to get close the both nations specially the Seraikies of both sides which is so remarkable i slaute you for all your dedication and hard work.