Saturday, October 23, 2010


Why are we concerned to find our roots? We are still tribals inspite of globalisation.We want to be known as Hindu,Muslim or Christian.We want our identies to be Bengali or Haryanvi or Rajasthani or Bihari or Kashmiri.We hate to be known as Pakistani even though I was born near Multan(Moolasthan) where RigVeda was written.Where Prehlad Bhagat was born and Bhagwan NarSingh incarnated.The famous and cherished philosophy of VasudevKutumbkam orignated.I spend my childhood there.My youth in London where Imet two beautiful girls from Kuch namely Hemlata Suraiya and Yashu Asher and found that we share the same language namely Siraiki(Multani).Now for last 40 years I am in Delhi.But I still do want to know where on earth BATRA s originated?Please enlighten why this urge?


  1. Subcontinent Indo Pak kadheen vi hik zaban ya nasal da mulk naeen rihya tee aj dey Hindustan Pakistan di sarkar Hindi / Urdu dey vadahrey kitee bey antt peesa kharcheendi par maqami zabnan di gichi ghuteendi hey, Pakistan dey chvahn soobeyan vich boli vanjanr vali Saraiki zaban tee Saraiki waseeb da hal hey "dukhan vat hey jindri sadi atee han beyree beyree vo yar" !!

    Saeen, BATRAY Mailsi (Khanpur) dey vadey zameendar han, 1947 ech jhokan pat Haryana Hindustan lagee gey han atee sadee waseb dey lok akheyndin "Qeedey Azam koon kehyaan paiyaan koonjan dey tee gijhan laiyan" !

  2. Sain jeeve,Khush pe wasso shalla.Jeeve Siraiki.Bharat which,Hindi tun illawa26 zabana sarkari taur te manzur shudha hin.Har 26 sube illaqai zaban school ate college daftar kechahri wich istmal karendin.Subai hakoomat da kam vee punjabi,hindi,urdu,tamil.telugu,malalyam,bengalisindhi wich pia theedinSiraiki wich All India Radio(AKASHWANI) tun nashar theeden.Lekin Angrezi da bollballa hei.Jai Siraiki.

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  4. Well everyone likes to know about their origin/roots. You also solve this puzzle in your blog, you like to be known or introduce as Kashmiri ,Bangali, Rajistani Or Bihari etc. I am wondered you did not mention Saraiki . Is there any reasom...n????
    This is understandable you dont like to called or known as pakistani thats why you left your motherland during the turning point of history.
    This is good enough and proud to belong to the land of such of great schlors and rich land.
    coming back to your issue, finding the roots which you already figured out around forty years ago which is Saraiki.
    the SARAIKI land we both belongs is the center of peace ,love and affection which make me so proud.
    if you still insist to more explore the origin well the simple answer is we all belong to the one and only thing which is Humanity if we all understand and respect this , believe it or not there will be no problem in this world will be resolved.
    Jeway Saraiki